New composition of the MICCAI board

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dear MICCAI Society Member:

It is my privilege and pleasure to inform you about the new composition of the MICCAI board. First, we are happy to announce that Lena Maier Hein, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg and Guoyan Zheng, Institute for Surgical Technology & Biomechanics, Bern, Switzerland, have been elected to the MICCAI board, through the MICCAI board and popular vote, respectively. Both have become a regular member of the MICCAI board as of February 1st. Second, we also welcome Daniel Racoceanu, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima, to the board, as the MICCAI 2020 conference chair. We are very happy with the expertise, energy and ideas that the three of you will bring to the board. I would like to thank you for your commitment, and we very much look forward to work with you.

As of February 1st, we also say goodbye to two board members who have been very active in the MICCAI Society. Sebastien Ourselin has served on the MICCAI board since 2007, has been on the executive MICCAI board for six years, and has been involved in the organization of many MICCAI conferences, especially the successful MICCAI conferences in 2007 in Brisbane and in 2016 in Athens, which he (co-)chaired. Sebastien, as a society, we have been able to profit tremendously from your vision, enthusiasm, energy, and hard work, and on behalf of the MICCAI board and MICCAI society I would like to express our thanks for all you have done.

Pierre Jannin has been on the MICCAI board since 2014 and as chair of the working group on conference affairs he has worked extremely hard not only to improve the process in which we select new locations for MICCAI conferences, but also to provide conference organizing teams with valuable information and support allowing them to host a great conference. Pierre, we will benefit from the work you have done for years to come; it was a pleasure to work with you.

For more information and contact details of MICCAI board members and working groups, you are welcome to visit the MICCAI webpages at

Best regards,

Wiro Niessen
MICCAI Society President