MICCAI 2018 - Granada, Spain

MICCAI Society "Enduring Impact Award" 2018

The MICCAI Society Enduring Impact Award for 2018 was awarded to

Awarded to Sandy Wells

  • 1st degree BS Physics 1976, UC Santa Cruz
  • Masters in Computer Science 1984, Stanford
  • PhD in Computer Science 1993, MIT
  • Early academic career  at MIT & BWH
  • Professor, Department of Radiology, BWH & Harvard Medical School 2014

Presentation of the 2018 MICCAI Enduring Impact Award to Sandy Wells of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. From the left, Juergen Weese of Philips (sponsor of the award); Sandy Wells; Wiro Niessen, Society President; and Alan Colchester, EIA Award Coordinator.


Medical Image Analysis Best Paper Award 2018

The award for the best article in the MICCAI 2017 Special Issue of Elsevier’s Medical Image Analysis went to:

Jianyu Lin, Neil T. Clancy, Ji Qi, Yang Hu, Taran Tatla, Danail Stoyanov, Lena Maier-Hein, Daniel S. Elson

For their paper "Dual-modality endoscopic probe for tissue surface shape reconstruction and hyperspectral imaging enabled by deep neural networks"

Runners up

Franziska Schirrmacher, Thomas Köhler, Jürgen Endres, Tobias Lindenberger, Lennart Husvogt, James G. Fujimoto, Joachim Hornegger, Arnd Dörfler, Philip Hoelter, Andreas K. Maier "Temporal and volumetric denoising via quantile sparse image prior"

Markus Rempfler, Valentin Stierle, Konstantin Ditzel, Sanjeev Kumar, Philipp Paulitschke, Bjoern Andres, Bjoern H. Menze "Tracing cell lineages in videos of lens-free microscopy"

Young Scientist Publication Impact Award 2018

The Kitware Inc, Young Scientist Publication Impact Award 2018 honours

Holger R. Roth, Le Lu, Ari Seff, Kevin M. Cherry, Joanne Hoffman, Shijun Wang, Jiamin Liu, Evrim Turkbey, Ronald M. Summers, for their paper "A New 2.5D Representation for Lymph Node Detection Using Random Sets of Deep Convolutional Neural Network Observations"
  • Advances the adaption of deep learning systems to medical problems with limited sample size
  • Multiple follow-on publications at MICCAI conferences and workshops and in journals
  • Has been applied to numerous other clinical problems, by Dr. Roth and by other groups


MICCAI Society Young Scientist Awards 2018

The MICCAI Society Young Scientist Awards honour early career scientists who have made an exceptional scientific contribution to this year¹s conference. The five 2018 winners, listed alphabetically (there is no ranking) are:
The recipients of 2018 are:
Erik J. Bekkers, Maxime Lafarge, Mitko Veta, Koen A.J. Eppenhof, Josien P.W. Pluim, Remco Duits
For their paper "Roto-Translation Covariant Convolutional Networks for Medical Image Analysis"
Bastian Bier, Mathias Unberath, Jan-Nico Zaech, Javad Fotouhi, Mehran Armand, Greg Osgood, Nassir Navab, Andreas Maier
For their paper "X-ray-transform Invariant Anatomical Landmark Detection for Pelvic Trauma Surgery"
Yuanhan Mo, Fangde Liu, Douglas Mcilwraith, Guang Yang, Jingqing Zhang, Taigang He, Yike Guo
For their paper "The Deep Poincaré Map: A Novel Approach for Left Ventricle Segmentation"
Tanya Nair, Doina Precup, Douglas L. Arnold, Tal Arbel
For their paper "Exploring Uncertainty Measures in Deep Networks for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Detection and Segmentation"
Yue Zhang, Shun Miao, Tommaso Mansi, Rui Liao
For their paper "Task Driven Generative Modeling for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: Application to X-ray Image Segmentation"

Runners up

Adrian V Dalca, Guha Balakrishnan, John Guttag, Mert Sabuncu
For their paper  "Unsupervised Learning for Fast Probabilistic Diffeomorphic Registration"
Jingfan Fan, Xiaohuan Cao, Zhong Xue, Pew-Thian Yap, Dinggang Shen
For their paper  "Adversarial Similarity Network for Evaluating Image Alignment in Deep Learning based Registration"
Pierre-Antoine Ganaye, Michael Sdika; Hugues Benoit-Cattin
For their paper "Semi-supervised learning for segmentation under semantic constraint"
Meet Shah, Shabbir Merchant; Suyash P. Awate
For their paper "MS-Net: Mixed-Supervision Fully-Convolutional Networks for Full-Resolution Segmentation"
Oualid Benkarim, Gerard Sanroma, Gemma Piella, Islem Rekik, Nadine Hahner, Elisenda Eixarch, Miguel Angel González Ballester, Dinggang Shen, Gang Li
For their paper "Revealing Regional Associations of Cortical Folding Alterations with In Utero Ventricular Dilation Using Joint Spectral Embedding"
Jwala Dhamala, Sandesh Ghimire; John L. Sapp; Bohumil Milan Horacek; Linwei Wang
For their paper "High-dimensional Bayesian Optimization of Personalized Cardiac Model Parameters via an Embedded Generative Model"


The award for the best article in the MICCAI 2017 Special Issue of the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery went to
Arash Pourtaherian, Farhad Ghazvinian Zanjani, Svitlana Zinger, Nenad Mihajlovic, Gary C. Ng, Hendrikus H. M. Korsten, Peter H. N. de With
Paper entitled: "Robust and semantic needle detection in 3D ultrasound using orthogonal-plane convolutional neural networks"

Runners up:

Mattias P. Heinrich, Max Blendowski, Ozan Oktay
Paper entitled: "TernaryNet: faster deep model inference without GPUs for medical 3D segmentation using sparse and binary convolutions"
Philipp Stefan, Séverine Habert, Alexander Winkler, Marc Lazarovici, Julian Fürmetz, Ulrich Eck, Nassir Navab
Paper entitled: "A radiation-free mixed-reality training environment and assessment concept for C-arm-based surgery"
Sasan Matinfar, M. Ali Nasseri, Ulrich Eck, Michael Kowalsky, Hessam Roodaki, Navid Navab, Chris P. Lohmann, Mathias Maier, Nassir Navab
Paper entitled: "Surgical soundtracks: automatic acoustic augmentation of surgical procedures"

MICCAI Educational Challenge 2018

Zach Eaton-Rosen
University College London

Runners up

Marlene Tahedl; University of Regensburg
BATMAN – Basic and Advanced Tractography with MRtrix for All Neurophiles
Soraia Figueiredo Paulo, Nuno Figueiredo, Joaquim Armando Jorge and Daniel Simões Lopes; INESC-ID, Champalimaud Foundation and Universidade de Lisboa
3D Reconstruction of CT Colonography Models for VR/AR Applications using Free Software Tools
Golafsoun Ameri and Leah Groves; Western University
Tutorial for Developing Image-Guided Intervention Modules using 3D Slicer

Travel Awards 2018

Zhongyi Han Shandong University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Guotai Wang University College London
Jian Ren Rutgers University
Haofu Liao University Of Rochester
Yuanhan Mo Imperial College London
Nils Gessert Hamburg University Of Technology
Ayushi Sinha The Johns Hopkins University
Yue Zhang Siemens Medical Solutions
Dong Liang Zhejiang University
Bastiaan Veeling University Of Amsterdam
Niharika D'Souza Johns Hopkins University
Gabriel Maicas The University Of Adelaide
Christian Payer Graz University Of Technology
Daniel Castro Imperial College London
Abhijit Guha Roy Ludwig Maximilians University
Wen Wei Inria France
Pierre-Antoine Ganaye Insa Lyon
Alessia Atzeni University College London
Yan Wang Johns Hopkins University
Bastian Bier Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg
Dongqing Zhang Vanderbilt University
Aicha BenTaieb Simon Fraser University
Xiuyan Ni University Of New York
Xiaoxiao Li Yale University
Yun Gu Imperial College London
Robert Robinson Imperial College London
Yuankai Huo Vanderbilt University
Samuel St-Jean University Medical Center Utrecht
Ye Wu University Of Technology
Zenglin Shi University Of Bern
Julia Buhmann University of Zurich/ ETH Zurich
Oualid Benkarim Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Agisilaos Chartsias University Of Edinburgh
Jwala Dhamala Rochester Institute Of Technology
Jerome Dockes Inria France
Erdem Varol University Of Pennsylvania
Raunak Dey University Of Georgia
Tanya Nair Mcgill University
Yu Zhao The University Of Georgia
Nathaniel Braman Case Western Reserve University
Andrea Mendizabal Inria France
Neerav Karani Eth Zurich
Lina Felsner Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg
Yishuo Zhang The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
Çağdaş Ulaş Technical University Of Munich
Fernando Navarro Technical University Of Munich
Alain Jungo University Of Bern
Meet Shah Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Thilo Sentker University Medical Center Hamburg-eppendorf

NIH Travel Awards 2018

Ngan Le Carnegie Mellon University
Tejas Sudharshan Mathai Carnegie Mellon University
David Lee UCLA
Emran Mohammad Abu Anas Johns Hopkins University
Siyuan Gao Yale University
Vaishnavi Subramanian University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Erica Rutter North Carolina State University
Olivia Paserin University of British Columbia
Alican Bozkurt Northeastern University
Jie Luo Harvard Medical School/Utokyo
Mathias Unberath Johns Hopkins University
Ravnoor Gill Montreal Neurological Institute
Saeed Izadi Simon Fraser University
Jianing Wang Vanderbilt University
Zahra Mirikharaji Simon Fraser University
Heather Couture University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill