MICCAI Educational Initiative

The MICCAI Educational Initiative is a collection of efforts lead by the MICCAI Student Board. Our main goal is to provide educational material for researchers in the field of medical image computing and computer-assisted interventions.

You can now find on our website links to the ongoing MICCAI Educational Challenge (MEC) for 2020, video tutorials from previous MEC challenges, recorded lectures from the Medical Image Summer School (MISS) 2014-18, and other educational resources.

MICCAI Educational Challenge

The MICCAI Educational Challenge will be held for the fifth time, kicking off at MICCAI 2019 and concluding at MICCAI 2020. The goal of the challenge is to encourage members of the MICCAI community to create and share educational materials, covering fundamental concepts in medical image computing and computer-assisted interventions. The winner of the MICCAI Educational Challenge will receive a prize of $500, sponsored by the MICCAI society.

With the MICCAI Educational Challenge, we hope to build a library of tutorials relevant to the MICCAI community and created by its members. Establishing a comprehensive collection will make the field more accessible and shorten the startup time for new students. The MEC will be repeated at future MICCAI conferences, building a large corpus of educational resources for the community.

Please browse our growing library of tutorial materials.

Summer Schools and Other Resources

Medical Imaging Summer School are a great way to get started in our field. The organizers of several summer schools were extremely helpful in creating videos of all of their talks:

We encourage everyone to investigate other summer schools offered in the community, including:

Over the years we've gathered several other resources:

Online Student Community

The Miccai Student Board maintains several communities