Student Board Recruitment

Monday, November 16, 2015

Dear Students,

The MICCAI Student Board (MSB) is a student-organised body which aims to enhance professional and social connections within the MICCAI community. Throughout the year, the MSB plans and organizes events for students at the MICCAI conference, maintains community forums on social media, and runs the MICCAI Educational Initiative.

Being a part of the Board is a great opportunity to become more involved in the MICCAI society within a team environment. Participation in the MSB involves regular online meetings with fellow student Board members to discuss, plan, delegate and organise, as well as interaction with leading researchers, the main MICCAI Society Board and other students.

We are now recruiting new members and would like to encourage applications across the diverse international representation of the MICCAI student body. For the upcoming year, the MSB is looking for a Sports Officer, an Education Officer and an Executive Member.

Sports Officer - Responsible for overseeing the organisation of sports related events at MICCAI in collaboration with the local organizers. This may involve events such as MICCAI Soccer, MICCAI Runs! and Yoga.

Education Officer - One of our aims is collecting and exchanging educational materials to make it easier for new students to enter research in the MICCAI topics. This officer will be responsible for overseeing the MICCAI Educational Initiative, including most importantly the Educational Challenge.

Executive Member - This position is for a (non-voting) member who can join the organization and meetings of the MSB, participate in planning and running events, and provide feedback. This position allows for a smoother transition of students into MSB officer positions.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to with a short description introducing information about yourself: ! name, where you're f rom, your current position, and place of work, length of time in that position, your motivation for joining and preferred MSB position. Please feel free to include any details relevant to the MSB position you’re applying to. Applications close December 6, 2015.

Kind regards,

The MICCAI student board