MICCAI board rotations

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Dear MICCAI Society members,

Every year, February 1st is the official date for the rotation of MICCAI Society (Executive) Board functions.

It is therefore my great pleasure to welcome Marleen de Bruijne (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark; board-elected), Caroline Essert (University of Strasbourg, France, MICCAI 2021 general chair), and Kevin Zhou (Siemens, Princeton, USA; popular vote-elected) to the MICCAI board for a tenure of 4 years. The success and strength of the MICCAI Society strongly depends on the voluntary work of many of its members; it is therefore great that you are willing to invest in the further prosperity of the Society by becoming a MICCAI Society board member. I wish you a lot of success, and also a very enjoyable time as members of the MICCAI board.

With new board members arriving, we also say goodbye to a number of people that have served on the board. I would like to express my great gratitude to Simon Duchesne and Li Shen for all the work they have done. Simon, next to all your efforts within the board, we are thankful for the wonderful MICCAI 2017 that you and your team organized in Quebec City. The MICCAI society has greatly benefited from different initiatives that were launched at that meeting. Li, the last three years you served on the MICCAI executive board. Moreover you acted as a liaison between the MICCAI board and the MICCAI student board, and we have all experiences the great work you have done together for the Society over the past year.

I myself will also (have to ;-)) leave the MICCAI board, and would like to thank all MICCAI board members that I worked with. Special thanks to Janette, Johanne and Jackie for the great collaboration we have had, and all the work you have done for the society. To all MICCAI Society members: it has been a great pleasure and privilege to be on the MICCAI board and serve as MICCAI Society president over the past three years. The MICCAI Society is a very strong and important one, with a great impact in science and society, and a bright future.

I would also like to introduce to you the new MICCAI executive board. Stephen Aylward will continue to serve as treasurer of our Society, and Josien Pluimwill continue in the role as Executive Secretary. I have worked with both over the last years, and I thank you both for your professionalism and the very nice and fruitful collaboration we have had.

Finally, I would like to introduce to you the new MICCAI Society President: Leo Joskowicz (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel).

Leo, I am very happy that you are taking on the role as MICCAI Society President. You already have done an enormous amount of work for the society, and in your new role you will only do more. You have both a great vision and enthusiasm for the field, and I am sure under your leadership the MICCAI Society will do very well. I wish you, the board, and the society, the best.

Wiro Niessen