MICCAI 2013: Workshops / Challenges / Tutorials - 2nd Call for Papers

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear colleagues,

MICCAI 2013 will host 34 workshops, challenges, and tutorials on focused aspects related to Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions on September 22nd and 26th, 2013. 

We invite you to submit papers and to participate to these events. The submissions deadlines are generally end of May/early June with an author notification acceptance early July. Proceedings/material of all workshops/challenges/tutorials will be distributed to participants on a USB memory. 

The list of MICCAI 2013 Workshops / Challenges / Tutorials can be found at the http://www.miccai2013.org/workshop_accepted.html. 

Best regards,

MICCAI 2013 Workshops Chair and Co-Chairs

Hongen Liao, Akinobu Shimizu, Pierre Jannin, Simon Warfield


MICCAI 2013 Workshops/ Challenges/ Tutorials


September 22, 2013
Contact person
MLMI’13 4th International Workshop on Machine Learning in Medical Imaging Dinggang Shen
CBM8 MICCAI Workshop on Computational Biomechanics for Medicine VIII Karol Miller
MFCA’13 Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy Xavier Pennec
CLIP 2013 2nd MICCAI Workshop on CLinical Image-based Procedures (CLIP 2013): Translational Research in Medical Imaging Marius George Linguraru
Including Challenge
Gemma Nedjati-Gilani; Uran Ferizi
MICCAI-STENT The 2nd MICCAI-Workshop on Computer Assisted Stenting (MICCAI-STENT) Simone Balocco
MMBC 2013 Mathematical Methods for Brain Connectivity Archana Venkataraman
M2CAI Modeling and Monitoring of Computer Assisted Interventions (M2CAI) Takashi Suzuki
ABDI 2013 5th International Workshop on Abdominal Imaging: Computational and Clinical Applications Hiroyuki Yoshida
MBIA 2013 3rd International Workshop on Multimodal Brain Image Analysis (MBIA 2013) Li Shen
MIAR 2013 The 6th International Workshop on Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality, MIAR 2013 Ken Masamune
  Stochastic Modeling for Medical Image Analysis El-Baz, Ayman Sabry
IAAMI 2013 Introduction to Analysis and Applications of Molecular Imaging Fei Gao
VTR 2013 Visual tracking and 3D reconstruction for computer assisted interventions: state-of-the-art and challenges Rogério Richa
DTIChallenge MICCAI DTI Tractography Challenge on Peritumoral White Matter Anatomy for Neurosurgical Decision-Making Sonia Pujol
  NCI-MICCAI 2013 Challenges: Automated Segmentation of Prostate Structures (ASPS) and Multiparametric Brain Tumor Segmentation (BRATS) Keyvan Farahani
AMIDA13 MICCAI Grand Challenge: Assessment of Mitosis Detection Algorithms 2013 Mitko Veta
September 26, 2013
Contact person
CSI 2013 Computational Methods and Clinical Applications for Spine Imaging Jianhua Yao
MeshMed 2013 MICCAI Workshop on Mesh Processing in Medical Image Analysis Joshua Levine
SACAI 2013 The Sixth International Workshop on Systems and Architectures for Computer Assisted Interventions (SACAI) Kiyoyuki Chinzei
IGI-B2B Intraoperative Image Guidance - From Bench to Bedside Pascal Fallavollita
MCV Workshop on Medical Computer Vision: Large Data in Medical Imaging Bjoern Menze
  MICCAI workshop on Bio- Imaging and Visualization for Patient-Customized Simulations Shuo Li
STACOM’13 Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart (STACOM’13) Alistair Young
  Workshop on High Performance Computing: HPC-MICCAI Lin Yang
MCBR-CDS’13 MICCAI workshop on Medical Content-Based Retrieval for Clinical Decision Support Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
PIA2013 The Fifth International Workshop on Pulmonary Image Analysis Marleen de Bruijne
BIA 2013 MICCAI 2013 workshop on Breast Image Analysis Anne Martel
RMI The R programming language: a statistical foundation for reproducible studies in medical image analysis Brian Avants
intelligentMR Intelligent imaging: Linking MR acquisition and processing Boklye Kim
CTK-MICCAI2013 Common architecture for algorithm development and deployment Sascha Zelzer
SATA'13 MICCAI Challenge Workshop on Segmentation: Algorithms, Theory and Applications Bennett A Landman
Q-CTP'13 Grand Challenge on Quantification in Cerebral CT Perfusion Imaging Hugo de Jong
MRBrainS13 MICCAI Grand Challenge on MR Brain Image Segmentation (MRBrainS13) Adriënne Mendrik