Have your say in the development of the MICCAI Society

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dear MICCAI Society Member:


The MICCAI Society oversees the annual MICCAI conference and associated workshops series and is there to support the MICCAI community. It is responsible for selecting future conferences and organising committees; sponsors and co-ordinates a number of prizes and an annual  Fellow election process; has an active student body; distributes information about jobs, meetings and summer schools; and is currently expanding its activities in support of student education. 

The Society is run by a small professional team and an international group of academic volunteers who are called the MICCAI Society Board.

MICCAI Society Board members serve on the Board for three years and we have an annual election process to refresh the Board with new members.

To see the current Board membership please go to www.miccai.org/BoardOfDirectors


We are now in the 2016 nomination process and have one new open position that will take effect from the end of January 2016 (when the current member rotates off the Board).


This email is being sent to encourage you to nominate and vote in this important election.


Nominations for the open position must satisfy the following rules:


Board nominees should be experienced faculty members at their institution or senior staff in their company or other organization, have an international reputation in one or more of the themes of

MICCAI,  and should have been active participants in MICCAI   conferences (i.e. has attended most of them in the last 10 years).


1. ONLY ACTIVE SOCIETY MEMBERS CAN NOMINATE AND VOTE. If you are receiving this invitation to nominate, you are on record as a current active member of the MICCAI Society.

2. Only current members of the MICCAI Society can be nominated.

3. In addition to the primary nomination by nominator, each nominee  needs 3 different nomination endorsements from three different institutions (if you wish you can coordinate this process with other  eligible nominators). 

4. Each Society member can nominate only one candidate for this election.


Please submit your nominations no later than  4 November, 2015 11.59pm  (EST).


Send nominations and nomination endorsements (see point 3 above) via email to the Society Secretariat Janette Wallace at jwallace@robarts.ca .


Thank you for engaging in this important process, and for exercising  your unique benefit as a MICCAI Society member to participate in nominating and electing members to its Board of Directors.


Alison Noble

MICCAI Society President