MICCAI 2011 - Toronto

MICCAI Society "Enduring Impact Award"

  • awarded to Chris Taylor for:
    • His work with Tim Cootes established the concepts of active shape and active appearance models which have had significant influence on the field. It is one of the most commonly used modelling methods for capturing shape variation in a population
    • Most cited paper “Active shape models - their training and application” (Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 1995): 3440 citations according to Google Scholar
    • Several other papers with very high citation rates
    • Profound impact on work in the MICCAI fields: e.g. searching for "active shape" or "active appearance" in MICCAI 2009 Proceedings returned 47 papers i.e. a fifth of all the papers
    • Major roles in other academic meetings: IPMI; MIUA; BMVC
    • Industry/ commercial successes
    • OBE (UK national award) for services to health
    • Distinguished Fellow of the British Machine Vision Association (2003)
    • Distinguished Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (2004)
    • Chair of UK Institute for Health Informatics involving over 200 organisations from the NHS, academia and industry


Medical Image Analysis Best Paper Award

  • awarded to Ola Friman for the article entitled: Probabilistic 4D blood flow tracking and uncertainty estimation, co-authored by: Rogerio Richa, Antonio P. L. Bo, and Philippe Poignet


Best Paper in Computer Assisted Intervention Systems and Medical Robotics

  • awarded to Jay Mung for the article entitled: A Non-disruptive Technology for Robust 3D Tool Tracking for Ultrasound-Guided Interventions, co-authored by Francois Vignon, and Ameet Jain


Young Scientist Publication Impact Award

  • awarded to B.T.Thomas Yeo for the article entitled: Effects of Registration Regularization and Atlas Sharpness on Segmentation Accuracy, co-authored by M.R. Sabuncu, R. Desikan, B. Fischl, P. Golland.


Student Awards

Registration Mattias Heinrich
Non-local Shape Descriptor: A New Similarity Metric for Deformable Multi-modal Registration
Physical Modeling and Simulation I T. Mansi
Towards Patient-Specific Finite-Element Simulation of Mitral Clip Procedure
Robotics, Localization and Tracking and Visualization Siyang Zuo
Nonmetalic Rigid-Flexible Outer Sheath with Pneumatic Shapelocking Mechanism and Double Curvature Structure
Registration Christof Seiler
Geometry-Aware Multiscale Image Registration Via OBBTree-Based Polyaffine Log-Demons
Registration Ting Chen
Mixture of Segmenters with Discriminative Spatial regularization and sparse Weight Selection