MICCAI 2010 - Beijing


  • awarded to Jihun Hamm, for the article entitled: GRAM: A framework for geodesic registration on anatomical manifolds, co-authored by: Jihun Hamm, Dong Hye Ye, Ragini Verma, Christos Davatzikos
  • awarded to Samuel Gerber, for the article entitled: Manifold modeling for brain population analysis, co-authored by: Tolga Tasdizen, P. Thomas Fletcher, Sarang Joshi, Ross Whitaker


MICCAI Society "Enduring Impact Award" 

  •  awarded to Russ Taylor for his contribution in the past 13 years:
    • Founding father of Medical Robotic Research
    • Concepts incorporated in modern surgical robots incl Da Vinci
    • Consummate educator and ambassador
    • MICCAI Founding member and Fellow
      • Brought Medical Robotics and Computer-assisted Surgery (MRCAS) community into MICCAI
      • MICCAI owes its CAI part to Russ!
    • 158 Papers; ~2,000 citations


Best Paper in Computer Assisted Intervention Systems and Medical Robotics

  • awarded to Rogerio Richa the article entitled: Robust 3D Visual Tracking for Robotic-assisted Cardiac Interventions, co-authored by: Rogerio Richa, Antonio P. L. Bo, and Philippe Poignet


Student Awards

Instrument and Patient Localization and Tracking Ehsan Dehghan
Prostate brachytherapy seed reconstruction using C-Arm rotation
measurement and motion compensation
Image Reconstruction and Restoration Junzhou Huang
Efficient MR Image Reconstruction for Compressed MR Imaging
Modelling and Simulation Saša Grbić
Complete Valvular Heart Apparatus Model from 4D Cardiac CT
Quantitative Image Analysis Rémi Cuingnet
Spatially Regularized SVM for the Detection of Brain Areas Associated with Stroke Outcome
Functional and Diffusion-Weighted MRI Anthony J. Sherbondy
MicroTrack: An Algorithm for Concurrent Projectome and Microstructure Estimation