MICCAI 2007 - Brisbane


  • First Prize awarded to Kilian M. Pohl (USD $700) for the article entitled: Using the logarithm of o dds to define a vector space on probabilistic atlases, co-authored by: Kilian M. Pohl, John Fisher, Sylvain Bouix, Martha Shenton, Robert W. McCarley,W. Eric L. Grimson, Ron Kikinis and W illiam M. Wells. Medical Image Analysis 11 (2007) 465-477.
  • Second Prize awarded to Masahiko Nakamoto (USD $300) for the article entitled: Recovery of respiratory motion and deformation of the liver using laparoscopic freehand 3D ultrasound system, co-authored by: Masahiko Nakamoto, Hiroa ki Hirayama, Yoshinobu Sato, Kozo Konishi, Yoshihiro Kakeji, Makoto Hashizume and Shinichi Tamura. Medical Image Analysis 11 (2007) 429-442.


Student Awards

Computational Anatomy Boon Thye Thomas Yeo
Effects of Registration Regularization and Atlas Sharpness on Segmentation Accuracy
Computational Physiology Stephan Tuchschmid
Modelling Intravasation of Liquid Distension Media in Surgical Simulators
Innovative Clinical and Biological Applications Irina Waechter
Quantification of Blood Flow from Rotational Angiography
Visualization and Interaction Wolfgang Wein
Simulation and Fully Automatic Multimodal Registration of Medical Ultrasound
Biological and Neuroscience Image Computing Kang Li
Cell Population Tracking and Lineage Construction with Spatiotemporal Context
Computer Assisted Intervention Systems and Robotics Wael Bachta
Cardiolock : an active cardiac stabilizer - First in vivo experiments using a new robotized device
Medical Image Computing Brian B Avants
Multivariate Normalization with Symmetric Diffeomorphisms for Multivariate Studies