MICCAI 2005 - Palm Springs


  • awarded to D. Burschka for the article entitled: Scale invariant registration of monucular endoscopic images to CT-Scans for sinus surgery", co-authored by: D. Burschka, M. Li, M. Ishii, R.H. Taylor, G.D. Hager
  • awarded to M. Jackowski for the article entitled: White matter tractography by anisotropic wavefront evolution and diffusion tensor imaging, co-authored by: M. Jackowski, C.Y. Kao, M. Qiu, R. T. Constable, L. H. Staib


Student Awards

At MICCAI 2005, five prizes each valued at USD 500 were awarded in the following categories:

Image segmentation and analysis Pingkun Yan
MRA Image Segmentation with Capillary Active Contour
Image registration Ashraf Mohamed
Deformable Registration of Brain Tumor Images via a Statistical Model of Tumor Induced Deformation
Computer assisted interventions and robotics Henry C. Lin
Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Robot Assisted Surgical Motions
Simulation and visualisation Peter Savadjiev
3D Curve Inference for Diffusion MRI Regularization
Clincial application Srinivasan Rajagopalan
Schwarz Meets Schwann: Design and Fabrication of Biomorphic Tissue Engineering Scafolds