Computer Vision Post-doctoral Research Engineer

Children's National Health System
Washington DC, USA
Job Type: 
Full Time
Closing Date: 
Sunday, December 31, 2017

Children’s National Health System is one of the top 10 pediatric hospitals in the country. Located within Children’s National, Sheikh Zayed Institute (SZI) is a one-of-a-kind medical technology innovation institutes that was established in 2010 to make significant advances in pediatric surgery and other clinical areas. SZI is a vibrant, entrepreneurially spirited, rapidly expanding center for medical technology research and an incubator of many homegrown startups. As a part of SZI, our multidisciplinary group is working on cutting-edge technologies that address critical clinical needs. Embedded in a clinical environment, we develop next-generation technologies with the goal of near-term clinical translation and commercialization.

One key project of our group is image fusion for minimally invasive surgery. In particular, we have developed a prototype to overlay live intraoperative ultrasound images on laparoscopic video in real time, creating an augmented reality view for surgical navigation. Clinical trial of the current prototype has been ongoing, and we are seeking candidates to further improve the prototype to be an industrial-grade system. The position will be supported through Children’s National initially, with the opportunity to transition to our startup: IGI Technologies.

The ideal candidate will be a MS/PhD graduate who has extensive experience with image processing and computer vision. Strong programming skills in C/C++, Python, OpenCV, OpenGL are highly desired. Experience with CAD design, such as using SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing, would be a plus. The responsibilities will be wide-ranging and include technical development and product development, among many others. The following are some of the primary responsibilities.
1) Develop image processing and computer vision algorithms to improve image fusion accuracy of our current prototype.
2) Refine the prototype to reach a clinical grade product. This will include software development and hardware design to meet various clinical needs.
3) Miscellaneous other activities: write scientific papers, assist in preparation of grant proposals, participate in preclinical and clinical trials, etc.


For further iinformaiton please contact Dr. Raj Shekhar, who will attend MICCAI conference 2017