Medical Imaging Research Data Assistant

Friday 14th January 2022

Picture Health is hiring a Medical Imaging Research Data Assistant to work with our world renowned AI development team. This is an incredible learning opportunity with lots of growth potential as we tackle some of the hardest challenges in oncology. It is an ideal opportunity for a graduate, or skilled undergraduate, student to gain valuable experience at the intersection of academia, medicine, and technology in a start-up environment.

What you'll do:

  • Collect and curate medical imaging data for development of AI products
  • Work with radiologists, pathologists, and oncologists to coordinate the annotation of medical imaging data
  • Ingest data from public collections and private institutions
  • Ensure quality and structure of labeled imaging data to yield high quality machine learning models

Required Skills:

  • Familiarity with one or more medical image data formats (e.g. DICOM)
  • Light programming experience - comfortable with handling spreadsheets, command line
  • Most work will be remote, but must be able to work in-office intermittently for the handling of physical media
  • Independent, proactive about finding tools and resources to overcome obstacles and inefficiencies
  • Flexibility and willingness to learn

Optional Skills:

  • Familiarity with cloud computing/storage platforms (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Python experience
  • Experience handling medical imaging data programmatically
  • Data science project experience

Location: Downtown Cleveland, OH. Most work can be done remotely but some will require being in the office to collect submissions, data storage media, etc. which are sent by mail.

Hours: Part-time or Full-time

Company: Picture Health is a stealth early stage startup creating oncology integrated diagnostics artificial intelligence (AI) tools. We are a small innovative team of researchers, scientists, doctors, engineers, and startup veterans. Our interpretable AI biomarkers will be used throughout a patient’s cancer care journey from diagnosis to disease prognosis to treatment selection to monitoring outcomes. Picture Health’s tools will be accessible through the PathPresenter platform reaching over 40,000 clinicians in nearly every country around the world. If you’re interested in revolutionizing cancer care and improving patient’s lives on a global scale, come join our team!

Interested candidates should send their resume and a cover letter or any inquiries to

Thank you for your interest.