Postdoctoral positions in connectomics & imaging-based biomarkers (University of Pennsylvania)

Thursday 1st April 2021

December 2021
Postdoctoral positions in diffusion imaging & connectomics are available at the Diffusion & Connectomics in Precision Healthcare Research (DiCIPHR) lab, Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Candidates must have a background in Electrical or Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Math or MR Physics.  Experience in diffusion imaging and neuroscience is a plus, but not essential. Current projects involve work on  AI-driven surgical planning for brain tumors, imaging-based biomarkers for brain tumors, traumatic brain injury and autism, with associated problems like multisite harmonization of imaging data, and graph-based deep learning.    
All projects have a strong emphasis on method development but require subsequent clinical application of the same. The positions call for interaction with clinical collaborators, taking the lead in writing papers, involvement in grant writing, and mentoring interns. Good programming skills in Python is a very strong plus. Please contact Ragini Verma (Professor of Radiology, UPenn) at 


Organization University of Pennsylvania
Location USA
Title Postdoctoral positions in connectomics & imaging-based biomarkers
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