Research Internship in DL Applied to Medical Imaging

Thursday 30th July 2020

Applied Science group at G42 Healthcare in Abu Dhabi, UAE is looking for self-driven candidates with research experience in Medical Image Analysis using Deep Learning. We are particularly interested in methods that enable learning from limited labeled data (unsupervised, semi-supervised, self-supervised, etc), emerging deep learning methods (e.g. Image-GPT, transformer-based object detection etc), and explainable AI.

1) PhD or MS in a relevant area with strong grasp of ML methods
2) Prior background in Medical Imaging is a strong plus (we can help candidates with strong deep learning experience scale in medical imaging)
3) Proficiency in either Pytorch or Tensorflow and Python
4) Good programming skills - familiarity with basic code optimization, ability to write clean code
5) Prior experience in being able to debug problems in training deep neural networks
6) Enthusiasm for exploring new problems and familiarity with modern deep learning literature in your current area of work

We will support remote workers until the COVID-19 pandemic prohibits travel to UAE, though once travel resumes it is expected you'll join us in Abu Dhabi. For the right candidate, internship could convert to full time position. Positions are available immediately.

In our interviews, we look for depth in at least one project along with good breadth in ML.

Please email your CV to shadab.khan [at] with subject: "G42 INTERNSHIP - YOUR_NAME" and a few lines relating your experience to this position. Informal inquiries are welcome.

Applied Science group comprises individuals with formal training (>50% have PhD, 1 clinician on the team) in computer science, medicine, and biomedical engineering. We believe in merit of reason over rank – expect a flat hierarchy with plenty of scope to make yourself heard. You will have access to world-class compute infrastructure (cluster of nVidia DGX servers) as well.

G42 Healthcare is on an ambitious mission to transform the healthcare practice within UAE and wider world through clinically-meaningful use of technology and AI. Our staff members include clinicians with prior experience in developing tech products, clinicians with prior experience in healthcare administration, as well as applied scientists and researchers who have worked in hospitals or large government health services in Middle East, Europe, and North America. G42 is also home to IIAI, a fundamental AI research institute, and has close partnership with MBZ University of AI (Healthcare team is co-located with MBZUAI and IIAI) in Masdar campus.

1) G42 is facilitating and managing the world's first Phase 3 trial of inactivated vaccine for COVID-19
2) G42 is leading the world's most comprehensive population genome program (
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Organization G42 Healthcare
Location Abu Dhabi or Remote
Title Research Internship in DL Applied to Medical Imaging
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