Postdoc openings in Medical Image Analysis using Artificial Intelligence

Saturday 30th May 2020

The medical image analysis group at School of Biomedical Engineering, Health Science Center, Shenzhen University, China, has many openings for Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates with the background of computer vision, machine learning, medical image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, etc. The Postdoctoral Fellow will be jointly trained with other prestigious groups all over the world. The package of Postdoctoral Fellow is around 320,000~400,000 RMB/year (45,07~56,338USD/year). The Fellow will be eligible to apply a 2-year research funding with package around 600,000 RMB (84,507USD) to support his/her own research. The potential research topics can be (but not limited to) cancer image analysis, ultrasound image analysis for obstetrics and gynaecology, computer-aided diagnosis, brain imaging research, precision medicine, histological image analysis, imaging genomics, radiomics, etc. 

The medical image analysis group at Shenzhen University has published many works on the journals of MedIA, IEEE TMI, IEEE TBME, IEEE Cybernetics, IEEE JBHI, Pattern Recognition etc. We are trying to build up a strong academia environment to assist Postdoctoral Fellows sharpen their profiles in the field of medical image analysis. Meanwhile, Shenzhen City is the one of largest biomedical industrial hub in China and is a very good incubation place for the translation of the research outcomes to industrial products. Therefore, there will be many opportunities for the Postdoctoral Fellows to build up their career in either academia or industrial path.

Interested applicant should send a detailed CV, representative publications within 5 years, statement of purpose and recommendation letter from his/her PhD advisor to: 

Organization Shenzhen University
Location Shenzhen,China
Title Postdoc openings in Medical Image Analysis using Artificial Intelligence
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