Postdoctoral candidate of Medical UltraSound Image Computing Laboratory, Shenzhen University

Tuesday 11th February 2020

I. Team introduction (

The Lab of Medical UltraSound Image Computing (MUSIC) has been focusing on medical ultrasound image analysis for more than a decade. Professor Ni Dong, director of the laboratory, is a member of the MICCAI (international conference on medical image computing and computer-aided intervention) Board, deputy dean of School of Biomedical Engineering, chief scientist of National Key Research and Development Program. MUSIC Lab has established a high-level research team of more than 50 people, forming research fields including medical ultrasound image computing, robot ultrasound, medical image registration, cardiac image analysis, image genomics, etc. The relevant research results have been published in the top international journals and conferences.

II. Research direction:

Research areas related but not limited to the following:
1. Ultrasound image analysis
2. Cardiac image analysis
3. Medical image registration
4. Imaging genomics, pathological image analysis

III. Qualifications (requirements):

1. Obtained Ph.D. within three years
2. Age under 35
3. Ph.D. dissertation subject relates to the research area listed above

IV. Salary and Benefits:

1. The hiring period is two years, with a salary of no less than 330,000 RMB per year (before taxes). Including Shenzhen post-doc stipend of 180,000 per year; Shenzhen University salary of 150,000 per year (before taxes).
2. After the accomplishment of the post-doc period, the researcher can apply for 300,000 RMB of research funding if staying in Shenzhen, and excellent researchers can work at Shenzhen University. 

V. Employment methods:

CV and related documents represent the applicant’s academic ability in the past five years.

VI. Contact information:

Address: Health Sciences Center of Shenzhen University, #1066 Xueyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Contacts: Professor Xue Wufeng, Professor Ni Dong

Organization Shenzhen University
Location Shenzhen, China
Title Postdoctoral candidate of Medical UltraSound Image Computing Laboratory, Shenzhen University
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