ML in Healthcare – Full Time Openings

Monday 27th January 2020

Group42 Healthcare

DESCRIPTION: We're looking for ML engineers with Healthcare experience. You will work with multi-modality data, possibly from: EHR, Medical Imaging, or Genomics.

Ideal candidate would have:
1) Strong skills in model development and deployment, in addition to having experience in either of: (a) EHR, (b) 3D medical images (e.g. CT, MRI), or (c) Genomics.

2) MS or PhD in a related area, with relevant work experience after graduation. Work experience requirement is flexible for recent graduates with strong skills in ML and programming.

3) A key quality we're looking for is willingness to learn new things. The role might entail familiarizing yourself with a new data modality (e.g. you have previous experience with medical imaging and your new project requires you to learn genomics data science).

4) Model deployment skills: for some perspective on what the ideal applicant should know, please see: If you're not well-versed with deployment at the moment but are willing to learn quickly, that is fine too.

5) An open mind, good communication skills in English, accepting of others' ideas, and capable of working for the greater good.

6) Strong team player: We believe a team wins or fails together, there are no individual victories or failures. It is therefore essential that the candidates must be willing to learn from or teach their colleagues and be willing to work for the team's success.

INTERVIEW: Our interview process entails assessment of ML and programming skills, in addition to questions on your relevant healthcare experience.

THE TEAM: You will join an internationally-trained team of Healthcare AI researchers, product managers, data scientists, and software engineers, in addition to medical doctors with management experience on full time staff. With large-scale population genome program (web: with the Department of Health of UAE, and other Medical Imaging projects in the nascent stages, right now is an excellent time to join the team. This is a high growth role. We believe in merit of reason over rank – you will work collaboratively with your colleagues and team lead to collectively make useful decisions for the projects.

APPLICATION: Please send your resume or CV, and a few lines of text highlighting the relevance of your experience to the advertised role in an email.

BENEFITS: US $-standard competitive tax-free salary with additional perks e.g. excellent family health insurance, annual flight allowance etc.

ABU DHABI: Capital of UAE and located close to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a family-friendly city that offers the right balance between megacity-convenience in a small-town liberal setting with access to two major international airports (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) offering non-stop flights to all parts of the world. Abu Dhabi is home to several world-class universities, schools, hospitals and recreation centers including New York University (NYU), Cleveland Clinic, The Louvre Museum, Ferrari World, Warner Brothers Theme Park, Yas Waterworld, and many others. With several pristine fine-sand beaches, multi-ethnic restaurants, a mangrove national park within the city, and mountains a short distance away, Abu Dhabi offers superb opportunities for work and play.

Closing Date: Feb 30, 2020

Organization Group42 Healthcare
Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Title ML in Healthcare – Full Time Openings
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