Postdoctoral Researcher in AI at UTSW

Friday 11th October 2019

UT Southwestern

Multiple postdoctoral positions are immediately available in the Medical Artificial Intelligence and Automation (MAIA) Lab at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine. Our mission is to innovate, develop, and apply AI technologies to empower clinicians, especially those with less experience or limited resources, for improved patient care.

We will empower clinicians with intelligent medical devices and computer algorithms from three aspects: 1) Improving accuracy by retrieving hidden information from patient data/images when there is ground truth; 2) Improving efficiency by automating clinical procedures; and 3) Transferring expertise to less experienced clinicians by learning from experienced clinicians when the ground truth is difficult or impossible to obtain. Specifically, we will be using cancer radiation therapy as the major platform for the development and testing of new AI algorithms and ideas.

We are looking for highly motivated Ph.D. graduates in the fields of computer science, data science, bioinformatics, applied mathematics, biomedical/industrial/electrical engineering, or other engineering and physical sciences with experience in deep learning. Curiosity, open-mindedness, creativity, persistence, and collaborative-work ability are the key personal skills we target. Demonstrated research experience and publication record are necessary. Successful candidates should have programming skills in Python, Java or C++, and be familiar with deep learning methods. A strong interest in collaborative and interdisciplinary research is required. The postdoctoral positions at UTSW are full-time research positions. Initial appointment will be for one year with renewable appointments for subsequent years.

Organization UT Southwestern
Location Dallas, TX, USA
Title Postdoctoral Researcher in AI at UTSW