Computer vision scientist

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Philips Research North America

Bring your expertise and passion to Philips Research’s journey of developing novel solutions to improve patient care. You will participate in research focused on contactless, i.e., camera-based, patient monitoring and/or clinical data processing.

Building on Philips’ world-leading algorithms for contactless vital signs measurement, we add capabilities for localizing patients in different clinical scenarios, differentiating patients from companions and caregivers, identifying patients to assist measurements and increase patient safety. You will also contribute to a wide variety of other novel, computer vision based medical data analyses, participate in associated interactions with medical professionals, and be involved in coordinating clinical studies, including analysis of the collected data (text, waveforms, images and videos).

You are responsible for
Research, design, develop, test and validate latest computer vision algorithms for clinical applications
Explore novel approaches to contactless health and safety monitoring in hospitals and other settings
Interact with experts in the Philips businesses
Write scientific publications and present at scientific conferences
Prepare technical documentation

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Organization philips research north america
Location Cambridge, MA
Title Computer vision scientist