Senior Web Application / Back End Software Engineer

Saturday 28th September 2019


12 month fixed term contract

Who we want:

Analytical problem solvers. People who go beyond just fixing to identify root causes, evaluate optimal solutions, and recommend comprehensive upgrades to prevent future issues.

Dedicated achievers. Relentless about quality, people who thrive in a fast-paced environment and will stop at nothing to ensure a project is complete and meets regulations and expectations.

Goal-oriented developers. Keeping the customer and system requirements squarely in focus, people who deliver safe and robust solutions.

User-focused creators. Engineers who design with the user in mind, developing software that helps change patients’ lives.

Collaborative partners. People who build and leverage cross-functional relationships to bring together ideas, information, use cases, and industry analyses to develop best practices.

Motivated product launchers. Engineers who bring strategic direction and drive for execution to ensure products are developed and launched with precision.

What you will do:

As a Web Application Developer, you will develop a scalable server-side application that handles 3D and 2D geometry computation on an on prem or Azure cluster. Our preferential technology stack for this application is Python with Flask or Django.

You will lead and drive the design and development of a scalable application with mathematical algorithms, parallel processing and data processing logic on our DevOps stack including Jenkins, JFrog, GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible etc.

You will also support other development activities such as user story creation, requirements delivery, software architecture, software design, unit tests and informal testing.

Together as a team, we will maintain our continuous integration and continuous development pipeline to build and test our application automatically. You will participate in daily scrums with given design requirements with wire-framing, flow charts, and geometrical algorithms.

What you need:

Experinece in Python with server-side frameworks such as Flask or Django
Strong understanding of 3D and 2D Geometry Computation and Mathematical Algorithms
Experience with parallel programming
Experience with scalable and highly available applications for Kubernetes clusters
Any SQL or NoSQL database experience such as Postgres/PostGIS, SQLite, MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, or Redis
Preferred Languages: Python
You may know these things too:

Containerization using Docker
Build and Test using CI/CD pipeline
Azure, AWS, or GCP experience or equivalent
Cluster Orchestration through Kubernetes or equivalent
Infrastructure as Code – Ansible, Terraform, Docker

Closing Date: N/A

Organization Stryker
Location Cork, Ireland
Title Senior Web Application / Back End Software Engineer