Lecturer/Associate Professor in Neuroimage Analysis

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

University College London

This is a joint academic appointment between the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) within the Department of Computer Science and the Dementia Research Centre (DRC) within the Queen Square Institute of Neurology (ION) to facilitate and promote research innovation in neuroimage analysis with primary application to dementia research and clinical practice. The post holder will innovate neuroimage analysis solutions using the latest computational modelling and machine learning methods, methods that support linkage to other data types, and support clinical research and practice through development of robust, flexible, and sustainable processing pipelines.

Location London, UK
Title Lecturer/Associate Professor in Neuroimage Analysis
URL https://atsv7.wcn.co.uk/search_engine/jobs.cgi?amNvZGU9MTc4NTM5NCZ2dF90ZW1wbGF0ZT05NjYmb3duZXI9NTA0MTE3OCZvd25lcnR5cGU9ZmFpciZicmFuZF9pZD0wJnZhY194dHJhNTA0MTE3OC41MF81MDQxMTc4PTkyNzg2JnZhY3R5cGU9MTI3MSZwb3N0aW5nX2NvZGU9MjI0&jcode=1785394&vt_template=966&owner=5041178&ownertype=fair&brand_id=0&vac_xtra5041178.50_5041178=92786&vactype=1271&posting_code=224