The MICCAI Society was formed as a non-profit corporation on July 29, 2004, pursuant to the provisions of the Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation Act, Minnesota Statute, Chapter 317A, with legally bound Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  The official corporate name is The Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention Society (“The MICCAI Society”).  The organization was founded with a focused professional mission and with member enrollment and benefits.  The Society


Mon, 2014-12-15

We are delighted to announce that Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) journal has been accepted into the Elsevier Society OA discount pilot.  Authors who are current members of the MICCAI Society and wish to open access (OA) their articles are...

Tue, 2014-09-02

The cover of Medical Image Analysis is one of the most recognizable in the field. However, its design has not changed in many years and the Editorial Board has decided that the time has come to give the Journal a new and contemporary...

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